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The World’s Leading Wellbeing Publisher & Provider of Anxiety Disorder Recovery Programmes

shutterstock_144893815Linden Tree Corporation is the coming together of five business entities representing the very best in the development and delivery of products and services for mental health care for implementation into direct to user, private and public service provisions.

Focusing on stress, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD and all associated conditions and symptoms, our organizations deliver programs in Home Learning, Workshop, Retreat, App and corporate delivery formats – with support and guidance from qualified mental health professionals.

Our Anxiety Recovery Program is recognized and endorsed by the NCFE, is the first and only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy and falls within NICE guidelines CG113 for Guided Self-Help. Our LAR Anxiety Recovery Coaching Accreditation programs carry an NCFE Level 4 accreditation.

Linden Tree Corporation is an NCFE Accredited Educational Organisation

Direct to user, Corporate, Government, Home Learning, Residential and Mobile media, programs and qualified support combating the pandemic of anxiety related conditions.


The Linden Group of Companies

Charles Linden Media

Charles Linden Media Ltd is the Marketing and distribution company for all TLM Home Learning programs including the Printed, Digital and App versions. CL Media also markets and distributes our published books, CDs, DVDs and live webinars. More info

LAR Coaching Accreditation

LAR Coaching Accreditation Ltd is the vehicle for our LAR Coaching Accreditation NCFE Level 4 and Conversion courses. Developed to enable prospective Coaches or pre-qualified healthcare professionals to integrate the LAR Coaching structure into their own practice. More info

Anxiety Recovery Retreats

ARR Ltd is the vehicle for delivery of our incredible international Retreats and Workshops program. Currently in two and four day formats, the Workshops and Retreats have been visited by people from every corner of the world. More info

Lifewise Publishing Europe

Lifewise Publishing Europe Ltd is the vehicle for marketing and distribution of all international sales of our media assets. We currently have TLM programs in English, German, Danish, Spanish and French language versions. More info

Lifewise Publishing LLC

Lifewise Publishing LLC is the non-trading vehicle for marketing and distribution through our American and Canadian websites. More info


CLIP Media Ltd

CLIP Media Ltd is the non-trading corporate entity holding all of the intellectual property owned by Charles Linden and distributed, under licence, by the Linden Tree group of companies. More info