Anxiety Recovery Retreats – Dedicated, Residential Anxiety Recovery Programs

“The Anxiety Recovery Retreats have truly set the standard for residential anxiety care. What we have created is the most incredible experience that, even I, hadn’t envisaged. When we created the format, I knew it would be the ‘no compromise’ resource I wanted but the curative results and life-changes we witness are unprecedented and emotive. We all feel so privileged to be part of it.” Charles Linden. MD and developer of the Retreat programs.

The Anxiety Recovery Retreat format and course content is so unique, so empowering, reassuring, enjoyable and curatively successful that clients wish the experience would never end.

Clients are prepared to re-enter their own environments, carrying with them the tools they need to become anxiety disorder free. The course content is administered by one of our lead educators with the assistance of a core team of specialists from across a variety of practices.

Clients receive anxiety recovery guidance and structure, coupled with a raft of wellbeing advice from Coaches covering posture, nutrition, relaxation and a variety of life-coaching practices.

Plans are in place for international expansion of the residential programs format. International organizations are interested in launching the Retreats formats in the USA and Far East. One of our company directors is UK liaison for the Malaysian Government and Tourist Board and is in discussion with the Malaysian government about the launch of Retreats in Kuala Lumpur.

Fast, simple rollout of the Retreats format in multiple locations internationally can be achieved quite quickly and it is our aim to coordinate two East and West Coast USA, two UK, two Central Europe and two Eurasian Retreats per month from January 2015. In 2015, we intend to roll out Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South African based Workshop programs.

There is no doubt that comparatively, what is experienced at the Retreats is unique and an enormous departure from the expected clinical environments normally associated with anxiety disorders treatment but clients state clearly that the Retreat experience is nothing at all like the experiences they have had in private or public health service residential facilities.