Charles Linden Media – A Unique Anxiety Disorder Solution Media Resource

clmedialogosmaller“I will only ever provide truly uncompromised,  resources. If I believe it will deliver 100%, I’ll launch – Our team know me best for the line ‘Under-promise and over-deliver’.   Charles Linden. MD and Founder of the Linden Tree group of companies

Charles Linden’s ‘no compromise’ attitude has maintained the company’s reputation and integrity through 20 years and millions of people, from around the world, accessing our resources, programs and products.

Massive online footprint

With 12 active websites with over 20 years history online, CL Media has a massive online and social media footprint with tens of thousands of monthly visitors. The YouTube, Twitter and Facebook presence is also enormous and influential.

In every aspect of the business, from product development to support services, Charles and his team of Specialist Consultants work tirelessly to maintain the consistently high standards clients have come to expect.lindatweet3

CL Media’s many hundreds of programs, CDs, Audio files, video and written media resources are probably the most accessed in the field globally and Charles Linden’s media presence globally is untouched by anyone else in the field.

Hay House publishing, the world’s largest self-help publishing house, who also publish some of Charles’ works call Charles…

“The world’s only dedicated, accredited anxiety recovery therapy with unlimited support”

This is high praise indeed from a publishing house that carries such greats as Louise Hay herself and Dr Wayne Dyer, two of the world’s most recognized names in personal development.

The core product, The Linden Method, has been re-developed, amended and modified many times since 1997 and as technology has moved forward, CL Media has utilized the most up to date electronic delivery platforms to ensure that all clients get what they need when they need it.

The Linden Method has been used by over 217,000 people over 20 years and has been independently tested by Martin Jensen formerly at Kingston University and now at Copenhagen University – he found it to be the most effective anxiety programme available.

The trial concluded that the average improvement experienced was from 18.28 (severe) to 2.84 (normal) using the international GAD-7 anxiety score.

According to these results, The Linden Method was shown to be 100% effective at reducing anxiety and just under 100% effective at returning sufferers to normal anxiety levels.

katefordCL Media’s client support is untouched globally. Only employing qualified, accredited and registered mental health professionals, CL Media present to clients an opportunity to interact with, what we believe to be, the world’s most experienced and qualified anxiety recovery specialists.

Accessible, seamless, high quality guidance is vital to the success of the programs and CL Media have created a unique and uncompromising solution to fit around the client’s requirements and lifestyles.

Conventional anxiety support resources are restricted to providing support, reassurance and coping strategies through the conventional delivery of psychotherapeutic devices such as CBT which encourage the client to discover their own strategies but CL Media’s support is entirely different. The programs empower the client but also focus on providing them with very specific, simple and targeted devices and structure.



MD of CL Media and group founder, Charles Linden is published by Hay House Publishing and is internationally recognized as a leading anxiety disorder recovery consultant. Charles can be seen above in the lineup for 2013 Hay House World Summit. (Column 1 line 5)