Linden History

tlm-girl-readsFrom a ‘back-room’ to the world’s only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy

The Linden journey started in 1997 when after 27 years of suffering from chronic generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and a wide group of associated conditions, Charles Linden withdrew his medications and other treatments after curing himself completely in under a week.

The process Charles developed was then tested and re-tested through other sufferers Charles knew at that time and the many people who downloaded his Method from his original website.

Charles developed his ‘Method’ into a structured program and has, since then, developed businesses and an enormous mine of program formats, media and resources to bring these curative processes to the world.

Since 1997, Charles and his team of qualified psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors of psychology have  shown millions of people how to become anxiety disorder and stress free.

The Linden suite of businesses and products have become the most influential and respected stress and anxiety, life coaching and wellbeing resources in the world with a global reputation for changing lives.

The Linden programs have become respected and accepted programs of recovery; it is used and recommended by numerous doctors, psychologists and other clinicians the world over. Referred to by some psychologists as a ‘new branch of psychological practice’.

Charles is internationally recognized as the most influential anxiety disorder recovery expert in the world and runs a private practice in the Midlands and Harley Street London, International Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops visited by people from every corner of the world and has a large and prestigious group of celebrity supporters and international clients he sees both in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Charles and his team are consultants to media, celebrities, broadcasters and organisations around the world and the international reputation and reach of the programmes, books, videos, DVDs, TV series and hundreds of media resources is unmatched internationally.

The development of the TLM Coaching Accreditation programme in 2013 means that practitioners around the world can become members of a global family of TLM Anxiety Recovery Coaching Practitioners; The accreditation is available as a conversion certificate or an NCFE Level 4 qualification.

Linden Tree Education has also recently developed an NHS or privately delivered program of anxiety recovery that is ready to go to market and has been created in order to save NHS and private practice around 60% of their current mental health budgets. The opportunities are vast, both socially and financially and the potential for TLM to become the preferred anxiety recovery treatment in every healthcare setting internationally is not only possible but becoming a reality.

TLM’s structure conforms to NICE CG113 for Guided Self-Help and to the NHS IAPT framework and is ideal for implementation into any corporate, educational, NHS or uniformed services setting.

The quantity of high quality media, coupled with audio, written materials and program structure and content is internationally unmatched.

To quote a Dr of Psychology we work with – “The Linden Method programs are a new branch of psychological practice”

Our organization is unique internationally… why?

  • We have no competition – no one else offers the access to resources and qualified support of this quality or quantity at this cost
  • Our reputation is built on 20 years visibility and the recognised Linden Method and Charles Linden brands (Internationally Registered Trademarks)
  • We have a unique group of endorsing celebrities and psychologists/doctors
  • Our Linden Method program aligns with NICE and IAPT guidelines

As one of the world’s leading anxiety recovery organization, we have:

  • 16 years history helping over 217,000 people
  • a Residential Retreats and Workshops program that has been completed by thousands of people from a round the world.
  • an NCFE Coaching Qualification to train practitioners in private and corporate/NHS practice
  • a ‘franchise like’ TLM Coaching business and training proposition with online Coaches database and booking system, admin backend and qualified support portal
  • training programs and ready-made business opportunities for mental health professionals
  • a training model for their own in-house Anxiety Recovery Support Specialists
  • a team of qualified mental health professionals – all registered with governing bodies like the BACP and BPS
  • developed corporate anxiety recovery programs already used by government agencies
  • such an enormous range of resources in video, written, audio, residential and app formats
  • unique scientific explanations, research, experience and resultant products and resources which communicate this information
  • international clients travelling across the world to attend our courses
  • a reputation, testimonials and endorsements from thousands of clients

Our materials and resources include:

  • Anxiety Disorder recovery programs
  • Agoraphobia recovery programs
  • Panic disorder recovery programs
  • Anxiety Recovery Coach Qualifications/Training
  • Corporate Anxiety and Stress Recovery Programs
  • Workshop format Anxiety Recovery Program
  • Retreat format Anxiety Recovery Program
  • Hundreds of video presentations
  • Dozens of audio recordings
  • Hundreds of documents, PR’s and Articles
  • A full Stress Recovery TV series
  • Many DVD formatted resources

  • Radio interviews
  • Media materials
  • 1000′s of client testimonials
  • Celebrity testimonials
  • CMS systems
  • Bespoke admin/marketing/order/dispatch system
  • Email marketing system with 100′s of marketing emails
  • Over 40 active web entities
  • The most visible anxiety disorder entity in the world
  • Huge and established Social Media presence
  • Thousands of testimonials and newspaper/magazine articles
  • …and more

Charles Linden

FullSizeRenderWidely regarded as The World’s Leading Authority on Anxiety Disorders, Charles is Director of Linden Tree Corporation and developer of the materials and resources used in the businesses, Charles Linden is an adviser to media companies, TV and film studios, corporates and government bodies.

For over 15 years, Charles has been providing anxiety recovery resources and programs to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, with foreign language versions of all his materials in Spanish, German, Danish and French.

Charles is an advisor to government, corporate clients and individuals, from everyday people to politicians, sports people, Hollywood stars, actors and aristocrats.

mirandaTravelling has become commonplace for Charles and his reputation for creating real and permanent anxiety recovery precedes him.

Charles is regularly featured on TV, radio, in magazines and in newspapers from around the world.

Charles is regularly seen ‘back stage’ on TV and stage productions, in anti-rooms of corporate boardrooms or behind stages at music events, coaching stress and anxiety elimination to actors, sports-people, industrialists and musicians and has worked with some of the biggest names in media, business and sport, many of whom have become personal friends.

230233_225063530840882_100000117101906_1031341_4622321_nHay House Publishing publishes a number of Charles’ titles including his TV series Stress Free in 30 Days and he is a regular contributor to Hay House Radio and a specialist in the Hay House World Summit.

“Charles Linden… the Allen Carr of anxiety.” The Times
“The Linden Method and Charles Linden saved my life” The Telegraph

Charles is…

  • recognized in the USA and UK for his publishing, programmes and expertise
  • an internationally published author by Hay House Publishing and Charles Linden Media
  • a TV and radio presenter featured on his own TV series, Gok Wan’s series and hundreds of online videos, events, webinars, Hay House radio, Hay House world Summit and more
  • an advisor to hundreds of actors, sports-people, singers and media companies often back stage or behind sets for special contract clients and organizations
  • a degree trained and broadcast experienced TV programming producer, director and writer
  • an SEO and online/offline marketing and social media expert with skills from WordPress and HTML web development to online video, conferencing and email marketing
  • developer of all training materials and resources
  • a qualified graphic designer, sound recordist and video editor
  • a qualified photographer and videographer
  • a voice over artist with materials on international release
  • an author of blogs, web content, video and audio recordings
  • developer, writer and designer of over 40 web entities

Charles is also a friend to all sufferers as an ex sufferer, as an anxiety recovery expert and as a spokesperson for all sufferers wherever he is needed.

Charles speaks out about the IMG_3556mis-prescription of medication and inappropriate psychotherapy in the treatment of high anxiety conditions and champions the rights of individuals to good physical and mental health and appropriate treatment at the most vital point in a person’s life.

Charles is now working closely with a number of high-profile clients and organizations providing solutions to the long-term unemployed and service personnel suffering from high anxiety conditions and PTSD.

RIGHT – Charles is pictured with Gok Wan whilst filming for the TV series and below that, Charles is pictured with Ricky Lake at The Ricky Lake Show in Los Angeles during a trip to see US based clients and to visit Hay House Publishing.

BELOW – some well-known faces talk about how Charles Linden and The LInden Method have helped them.





Rupert Young came to our Anxiety Recovery Retreat where he found relief from his long-standing anxiety disorder. His brother, Will, is well known as an international pop star and recording artist.